finding quilt inspiration at home


Just yesterday, I liked about 30 pictures on instagram so much that I hit the love button on them. I just checked that back for you. Not all of them are quilting related. There are a couple of pictures from “other” friends, the obligatory pet picture and some others I liked ‘just because’. But even if, let’s say, only half of these 30 are quilting related, it’s another 15 inspirational ideas going into my imaginary “try that!” folder. Note that this was a pretty slow day on my IG feed, too!

Where I’m trying to get with this is, in this quilting community there are so many crazily talented people whose projects constantly add to our inspiration, it grows and grows. If we feel a quilter’s block, it can’t possibly be caused by a lack of ideas. Maybe it’s the opposite – we’re overwhelmed and draw blanks as where to start the next project.

In such a moment, I find it’s good to cut everything actually quilting related out and take non-quilty objects, landscapes, architecture, colours and graphics into consideration.

And even just looking around my apartment I found these:


clockwise starting top left

// Two landscape prints hanging over our headboard. I found those browsing through a folder of down marked prints downtown. It was a sunny afternoon we had spent at the park and finding these pictures on our way home-made the day perfect. //

// IKEA napkins. They urge me to try out circle or curve patterns for one of my next quilts. The minimalistic design and the colour palette really speak to me! //

// This awfully popular IKEA rug. Everyone and their dog seem to love it! I’ve been meaning to do a black and white quilt, but let’s be honest, colours and prints are way too much fun, they have to be used. //

// An art print advertising the guest country of honour (Brasil!) at last year’s Frankfurt book fair. I love, love, love books and reading and I was very happy to score this for free as a keepsake. Even before I started quilting I felt drawn to the upbeat layout made solely from triangles. //


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