coasters 2.0 – appliqué & no binding [tutorial]

coaster tutorial 01 . veni vidi vicky

In my post about the bulk coasters production I had going on in August I reflected on some improvements I planned on making the next time. Well, the next time has come, there’s one last wedding to attend this year. Those lovebirds too, are getting a set of coasters.

The two main improvements I’ve made:

coaster tutorial 06 sdt . veni vidi vicky

individual design
I had a hard time thinking about a colour combination the couple would like. Sure, I know them well, but have we ever talked about our fav colours? No. Their general taste I’d describe as eclectic. This is where I turned to their wedding invitation and save-the-date card and I just knew what I would do. The bride is part Indonesian and grew up there. What a sweet sentiment to reflect in their card design. I pulled blue fabrics and the Downton Abbey fabric that had come to my mind thinking of Indonesian tribal patterns. I appliquéd layering three echoing shapes on a piece of background fabric.

coaster tutorial 04 . veni vidi vicky

skipping the binding
I found it to work better for such a small project to sew the right sides together and turn the inside out after. The binding is very prominent in my original coasters, every imperfection (and they are far from perfect!) weighs heavily. We all know hand binding can be time-consuming, so I loved skipping that part.

coaster tutorial 07 . veni vidi vicky
coaster tutorial 02 . veni vidi vicky
coaster tutorial 05 . veni vidi vicky


For the application I chose a very simple method. You don’t need interfacing, freezer paper or anything else.

fabric of your choice
1-2 sheets of regular paper
paper scissors, fabric scissors
rotary cutter, cutting mat
regular glue stick & fabric glue
steam iron

coasters step 01 . veni vidi vicky

[1] Draw a design you would like to appliqué on a sheet of regular printer paper. Cut it out with scissors and lay it out on another piece of paper. Trace the shape about 1/4” from the original shape. Cut and repeat one more time. You now have three templates echoing in size.

coasters step 02 . veni vidi vicky

[2] Lay your templates out on the wrong side of your fabric of choice. Trace them with a pencil and cut  out with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

coasters step 03 . veni vidi vicky

[3] Secure each paper template to the back of the fabric with a glue stick. Clip your seam allowance where there’s an inner curve. Finger press the seam allowance over your paper template very tightly. After that press in shape using high steam. Press from both sides.

coasters step 04 . veni vidi vicky

[4] Cut two pieces of fabric measuring 5 x 5”. One will be your background for the appliquéd side of the coaster, the other piece will become the backside of the coaster. Cut your batting at 5 x 5”, too.

coasters step 05 . veni vidi vicky

[5] Take your paper template out carefully. Glue your appliqué pieces on the right side of your background fabric. This is to secure the pieces for the next step, you don’t have to glue throughout, just enough to keep them where they’re supposed to be. Use a fabric glue of your choice for this.

coasters step 06 . veni vidi vicky

[6] Lay the two pieces of fabric right(!) sides together. Square them up to become 4.5 x 4.5” squares. Lay the batting on top of the appliquéd piece (this piece is facing wrong side up!).

coasters step 07 . veni vidi vicky

[7] Now turn the three layers over, so that the backside fabric is on top. The batting is now lying directly on the table. Pin your “sandwich” using some safety pins or regular pins.

coasters step 08 . veni vidi vicky

[8] Place the “sandwich” on your sewing machine, start sewing at the edges leaving a 1/4” seam allowance. Leave an opening (important!) Machine tie-off at the start and end of your seam.

coasters step 09 . veni vidi vicky

[9] Now cut down the batting directly to the seam, leaving almost no seam allowance. Be careful not to cut into your fabric layers or into the seam. Please use scissors for this, a rotary cutter won’t work. Also trim the fabric corners to make better coaster corners during the next step.

coasters step 10 . veni vidi vicky

[10] Turn your coaster inside out. Push the corners out neatly using a sharp object like your (closed) scissors. At the remaining opening, turn the edges of the fabric inside about 1/4” and press gently with your fingers. Press the opening closed with your iron and iron over the entire coaster on low temperature. I used polyester batting so this is necessary to make the sandwich a little flatter for quilting. If you use a thin cotton batting, you don’t have to press the coaster as a whole.

coasters step 11 . veni vidi vicky

[11] Now start quilting starting from the edge of the coaster. Sew as close to the edge as possible and make sure you sew your opening closed by doing so. Trace your seam to the inside quilting a big square spiral. Instead of letting your machine tie off, bury the threads when you’re done quilting.

coasters step 12 . veni vidi vicky

[12] You’re done!

coaster tutorial 03 . veni vidi vicky

If you have any questions about making these coasters, please let me know. If you make some of your own, I would love to see them.


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    • venividivicky

      Hey Lin, thanks so much for your comment. We mainly gift money on weddings (in Germany), making a little “something” to go with it is my way to make the whole thing a little more personal.

  1. Renee

    What a nice gift for a wedding! I love that you can customize them and they’re relatively cheap to make. Wedding gifts get pricey, especially if you go to several a year! One year we went to 7 weddings, it was awful, lol.

  2. KingaIsabella

    Was für eine tolle Idee, Vicky! Zusammengefügt ist es eine interessante Tischdeko, immer wieder anders zusammengestellt; oder eben Untersetzer. Quick, simple, easy! Danke fürs turorial! Ach ja, ich finde, die schauen perfekt aus!

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