patchwork hearts [mini tutorial] & more

patchwork heart | veni vidi vicky

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a post in a German quilty Facebook group asking for patchwork heart blocks to be made into two quilts. The back story of this is so saddening; two little girls lost their mother quite unexpectedly. The family has been living in the USA and the dad and the little girls are now preparing to relocate to Germany.
Femke, a fellow quilter from said Facebook group is friends with the family and runs the “Our hearts go out for Raine and Jade” project. I offered to make two big heart blocks and was able to help her out a little with the blog for the project. The hearts are starting to arrive in Femke’s mail and I’ve been working on mine, too.

If you’re interested in donating a heart or two, you can let me know via email or comment and I will help you get in touch with Femke (who is fluent in English, btw.)

patchwork heart | veni vidi vicky

The hearts are supposed to be made of one colour-scheme each and since I have a lot of teal and turquoise fabrics I made my blocks out of those. I did a bit of improv piecing, cut my panels down to rectangle size and sewed the edges off 45° with my background fabric. After adding the border it was done, pretty easy!

patchwork heart | veni vidi vickypatchwork heart | veni vidi vickypatchwork heart | veni vidi vicky

On a different note, I got a nod from Angie at GnomeAngel for the Liebster Award 2014. It’s a fun way to get to know new people! I love Angie’s blog and she’s recently founded a Facebook support group for Quilt Bloggers (and Instagrammers)

1. What word do you think you overuse?
2. Best piece of advice you’ve gotten so far?
In terms of quilting: to use a disappearing marker when quilting straight lines.
3. What would you want written on your tombstone?
I don’t really have a life motto, other than maybe “all or nothing”, but that seems a little blunt for a tombstone ;-)
4. Which song do you find it impossible to resist singing in the car when you sing it on the radio?
I sing all the time when no one else listens. But to answer the question, Taylor Swift does pretty catchy songs.
5. What movie would you live in if you could?
Sex and the City, because I would love to experience of living in NYC and hanging out with SJP.
6. Do you like surprises, or are you like me and too impatient?
YES, I love surprises!!
7. What’s your favourite holiday and why?
I cherish the Christmas holidays. I always spend them with my mum and siblings and it feels so much like back when we all still lived at home.
8. What’s your most endearing quality?
That might be that I love giving so much. I will always help out when someone needs it, it gives me joy to be of help. (sorry if that sounds cheesy.)
9. What’s the best joke you’ve heard?
I really love puns, but can’t think of a joke right now.
I considered leaving this question out, I don’t even know what this is about. But here it is, my stupidity for the world to see x)
10. Which Mr./Miss Men would you be??
ETA: Thanks to Femke, I learned that I actually know these! I think going with what I wrote above, I would be Little Miss Helpful with a touch of Little Miss Stubborn.

I invite all of you to answer these questions, too. They’re really interesting and I couldn’t come up with better ones at this point.


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  1. femke00353

    Oh Vicky I LOVE your hearts they are absolutely adoring! i will try the pattern myself this weekend.
    It’s been slow as far aLas the project is concerned bit i figured everybody is seeing for Xmas (including myself). No bother though as the deadline is in January after all. I’d be over the moon if any of your blog followers would love to participate we still have a long way to go and loads of hearts to sew. I’ll make sure to update our blog this week, too. Lots of love Femke xxx
    PS: I loved reading your answers, seems life we have a huge lot in common:-) as for the last question: I’m sure you know the Little Miss and Mr Men books for kids? If not I’ll have to lend you my son’s collection;-)

  2. femke00353


    Die Herzen sind ein Traum! Tausend Dank dafür! Ich wollte ich schon ewig bei dir melden, aber irgend wie will mein Zeitplan immer nicht so wie ich. Zeitmanagement ist nicht so meine Stärke :D Ich hoffe, ich schaffe es demnächst, neben allem, was an Weihnachts-Ufos noch hier auf mich wartet ;) Fühl dich mal virtuell gedrückt!

    Liebe Grüße Femke

  3. Teje

    Hi Vicky! You have made beautiful patchwork hearts! Great way to shape them like that. Sorry to hear the reason for these.
    Fun question and answers. Neither do I understand the last one. x Teje

  4. thecozypumpkin

    Those poor sweeties! :( When are the blocks needed by and how big are they? I want to try to squeeze them in, but I’m not sure if I can with all of the looming deadlines and gift making I have plus shipping time prior to the due date.

  5. patchworkatelier

    Liebe Vicky,
    Als ich das Herz gesehen habe, dachte ich mir super das Tutorial kann ich für meine Herzen für Femke brauchen….. und als ich Deinen Post las – Überraschung, Du hast sie auch für diese tolle Aktion genäht!!
    Das Herz ist wunderschön geworden – sehr frische Farben!
    Allerliebste Grüße

    • venividivicky

      ​Hey Lynette, thank you for your lovely comment. It’s such a super easy technique, I had hoped two pics would be all that was needed to understand, so I’m glad you like it! =)​ xx Vicky

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