mini quilt idea [schnitzel&boo swap]

quilted crest layout | veni vidi vicky
I got my match for my first mini quilt swap last week. My partner seems very open-minded towards what I make for her. I think we have a similar “style” we like, even though she listed some designers that aren’t my favourite.

My idea at core is to make a modern crest. Crests are something I associate with castles, knights, fairy tales; all of which are a part of Germany’s past. I love the thought of a little nod to where the quilt was made, as it’s headed abroad once it’s done (I hope that doesn’t give away too much).

quilted crest design | veni vidi vicky

I think solids work best for this idea (but then I usually think solids work best…) and I wanted them to be a bit fairy tale-y. So there’s a mint and a light pink.

And for fun, this is what it could look like:
quilted crest layout | veni vidi vicky
quilted crest layout | veni vidi vicky

I hope the design works for my partner (I will ask around on instagram), so that I can start figuring out how to piece this. Some basic math gave me 2” HSTs and Flying Geese, so I’m thinking paper piecing might be the way to go. If one of you has a tip to share about how to approach this, please share with me!


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  1. thecozypumpkin

    I don’t have any tips really (I am working on a quilt that uses HSTs that finish at 2 inches and I’m just piecing mine regularly. Although I use my walking foot which helps keep everything nicely aligned.), but this is such a FUN idea!!! The colors are great, and I’m enjoying the fringe. And funnily, I’m working with some of the yarn dyed essex myself right now, for Christmas gifts, in the same colorway.

    • venividivicky

      ​How fun! I love the Essex Linen so much and have been holding off cutting into it, that will be hard! Can’t wait to see your project using it. I’m happy you like my idea, I hope it will turn out the way I’m imagining it. I think I will have to try math and piecing out with some less cherished fabrics before starting on the real thing. xx Vicky​

  2. Karen Miller

    What a neat idea Vicky — can’t wait to see how it comes together. I would comment on the piecing but I”m afraid you would be better off if I didn’t ;) I’m an applique kinda quilter. Have a wonderful day!

    • venividivicky

      Ha, don’t be silly. I’m sure you’re a lot more skilled than I am ;-) I got some great input on this though and am just trying to find the time to start working on the mini now =) Thank you so much for your lovely words, Karen!

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