the modern crest

modern quilt crest | veni vidi vicky

Happy New Year, friends! I’m running super late on this as well as everything that’s sewing related at the moment. Life and school is keeping me incredibly busy and sewing time has taken the back seat for now.

The mini quilt for the Schnitzel & Boo swap was due last week. I put this together in the late hours of a couple of evenings and it was an awesome way to wind down and close the day.  I have never sewn something so twee and little as these two inch quarter square triangles. It’s not perfect but it came out quite similar to what I imagined. I made some slight changes to the finishing touches and added pom poms instead of tassels. I hope this will be a little more low maintanance for the lovely person receiving this.

modern quilt crest | veni vidi vicky

modern quilt crest | veni vidi vicky

I’m in LOVE with the chambray mixed with the fresh, light colours, espescially the mustard. I think I will have to make another quilt using this fabric combo. For the backing I used a sweet IKEA rosali fabric and the one untrimmed block I had left from piecing the top.

modern quilt crest | veni vidi vicky

modern quilt crest | veni vidi vicky

This was my original idea from a few months back, if you want to compare it with the final result.


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    • venividivicky

      I just tied them onto the binding by hand using a piece of double layered thread. I had to make sure the neddle went right through the core of the pom-pom, so the whole thing wouldn’t slip off. But other than that, it was quite simple. Thank you for your lovely words, Nesta!

  1. Kinga

    Liebe Vicky,
    dieser mini Quilt ist (schon wieder) der Hammer! Ja, der graue Stoff und diese schönen leuchtenden Farben mit Senf passen fantastisch zusammen! und der Rand!!!! Jedes einzelne Pom-Pom Teil extra angenäht?

    • venividivicky

      ​Hallo liebe Kinga, danke für deine lieben Worte. Ich hoffe dann mal dass die neue Besitzerin die Farbkombi auch mag. Ja die Pompoms sind alle einzeln festegknotet. Man hätte es bestimmt auch “in Kette” befestigen können, aber so wars mir sicherer.

  2. Teje

    Hi Vicky! I love this! So beautiful! Great pattern and colours and the shape with tussels makes it so unique! x Teje
    PS. from where you get your labels?

    • venividivicky

      ​Teje, thank you so much! It was a lot of fun to think outside the box for this one. Check out this TUESDAY TIP re: the labels. I shared this last December and talk you through layout and order via spoonflower​. xx Vicky

  3. Terri Ann

    I usually hate pom-poms but this has changed my mind on them quite a bit! Such a cute idea with the modern crest. I’m sure those bitty HST were a test of patience but they came out so wonderfully!!

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