one lovely blog award

one lovely blog award | veni vidi vicky

Two of my favourite quilting bloggers, Amanda (The Cozy Pumpkin) and Teje (Nero’s Post and Patch) nominated me for this little blog-hoppy award. Both Amanda and Teje have been blogging for quite a few years, their blogs are wonderful resources of inspiration.

I love Amanda‘s clear and structured projects (her tutorial’s rock!) and she’s an absolutely darling person who creates the most beautiful quilts.

Besides making lovely things from fabric, Teje ownes the cutest store selling handmade jewelery on the island of Crete, Greece. We bonded over our mutual compassion for stray dogs (my family dog was a stray on Crete before she was rescued) and IKEA fabrics.

I’m taking this as a chance to reintroduce myself to my (new) readers. Though, I need to note that I’m a super private person, so keeping this blog is a little awkward at times. I love to join the quilting community and maybe contribute some useful tidbits here and there, but I have a huge restraint against showing off myself, my life and even my thoughts too much. So please bear with me while I write my ‘about me’…

it's a hexi world | veni vidi vicky

So about me, Vicky, 26 yo, from Germany

Quilting didn’t enter my life until the beginning of last year, but I’ve always held a fascination for fabric. I remember when I was very little my mum bought be a small bundle of fabric from the department store that I coveted for years. I would sew little teddy bears and other soft toys by hand, which is something I still enjoy  doing a lot. But it wasn’t until I bought a sewing machine that I started sewing more regularly.

Stuart the flying squirrel | veni vidi vicky

Quilts are perfect! I love the graphic design, colours, prints, calculation and math involved. Some of my favourite fabrics include designs by Carolyn Friedlander, Lotta Jansdotter, Lizzy House and Leah Duncan. I’m drawn to graphic motifs and I use a lot of blenders. I’m a serial straight-line quilter and converted machine binder.

one lovely blog award |veni vidi vicky

A couple of other things I enjoy a fair bit:

* swimming * pets * books * architecture * art * urban life *
* travel * beer & wine & cheese * cooking * podcasts *
* mysteries & riddles * the sea * vineyards *


Okay, now for the really interesting part of this post. Check out these sweet ladies websites or you are missing out in life =)

lovely and enough
holly gets quilty
slo studio
kinga isabella quilts

What are some of your favourite quilting blogs? Please share with me, I love to get to know other fellow quilters =)

veni vidi vicky



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  1. Teje

    Great post Vicky! Thank you for the sweet introduction! We have many common interests and I’m so happy to know you, your beautiful and unique work and blog. Your photo is really good! x Teje

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