‘Glass Half Full’ quilt

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe shift from blogging to instagram has been a topic discussed online for the past two years or so.

I only started this blog two summers ago and had all the intentions to keep blogging, although I’ve been on instagram longer than this blog exists. I still make a point to stage a photoshoot for all my bigger finished pieces, but I rarely write up entries any more. All the action does seem to go down on Instagram, it’s just so more convinient. And so I happen to have my hard drive full of pictures for potential blog posts.

This bigger quilt I photographed back in May, so I must have finished it around April or so. I had the top completed for almost a year, but I was so scared to put a quilt of that size under my tiny machine for quilting. When I finally pulled the plug, quilting actually went rather smoothly. Keeping the straight line quilting to a simple crosshedge pattern certainly helped that.


My idea was to keep the quilt itself monochromatic, so it would blend easily into a room that was already busy and colourfully decorated (as our living areas happen to be). All fabrics used are a shade of teal/aqua/turquiose broken up into equal parts of high and lower value.This was my first time sewing drunkard’s path blocks or curves for that matter. By the amount of blocks I made it’s pretty easy to guess that I enjoyed it ;-)


The original thought behind the pattern was a half moon, but as I progressed it didn’t have so much of a moonshine-y feel to it. Rather the colours along with the curves and edges reminded me of seaglass. This eventually evolved into the name of ‘Glass Half Full’ because a little portion of optimism can never hurt, right?



The finished quilt measures 58 x 82” after washing. Fabrics I used range from Joel Dewberry, Cotton + Steel to Lotta Jansdotter and Katy Jones’ Priory Square. The backing is from IKEA. By using the full width including the broad selvedge I avoided piecing the backing (which is one of my least favourite tasks in quilting). For batting I used Warm + White.


And when it came to bind this quilt (which in turn is my favourite part) I felt the whole thing was in bad need of a pop of colour. I think my eyes must have been saturated by teal at that point. I had enough Kona Cactus left from another project and to my own suprise it works great as a contrast binding.


I’m entering the ‘Glass Half Full’ Quilt into the Large Quilt section of this season’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival which runs from September 19-30th on Amy’s Creative Side. You can vote on your favourites in each category starting Saturday.

Have a good week and cheers to all of you still reading and following blogs!!


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  1. laurachaney83

    Beautiful quilt! I love the colors in it. I’m interested to see if blogging fades more in the quilting community as Instagram continues to grow.

    • venividivicky

      Laura, thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad I made the decision to stick to one colour family. I’m drawn to Instagram’s speedy pace and instant sharing, but blogs are so much better to get a quilt’s story across, so I hope blogs will always be a thing.

  2. Allison

    Well, as good as this quilt and your new
    logo/website looks, then you really need to consider coming back! Beutiful colors, beautiful design, love the pop on the binding – congrats on the finish. (and thumbs up for the patient quilter holder husband behind the scenes)

    • venividivicky

      I don’t know what happened – I wanted to up my blog game, purchased a new theme, overhauled the overall look but then just stopped… blogging =D Reading beautiful, consistent blogs like yours definitely motivate me to not stop trying. Thanky you so much for your words, Allison ♥

    • venividivicky

      Thank you so much Sue. I actually ended up putting it on the couch in my new sewing corner because it worked so great with the green colour scheme I set it up with. I will post some pictures of that soon =)

    • venividivicky

      Deb, that is so nice of you to say. Inspiring fellow quilters is what I strive for with this blog, I am daily inspired by the work of others, too. And those curves aren’t all that difficult as we make them out to be!

  3. sue

    I love this quilt! I’ve had Drunkard’s Path blocks on my mind lately and your quilt is a lovely example. Kona Cactus is a color I have used several times and it surprises me as well. Try it with magenta. Fabulous job.

    • venividivicky

      ​Yes Sue, Kona Cactus is not even that pretty on its own, but it often adds just the right pop of colour/contrast. And now I feel a sudden urge to make something with magenta in it…. =D​

  4. Karen @runsewfun

    Yes, IG is much faster but I do enjoy a Friday morning with a cup of coffee and reading through some Let’s Bee Social finish posts! Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL. It’s a reminder to me that sticking with one color theme is worth it. Those Ikea selvedges are wide and I like seeing that you used it. Have a great weekend!

    • venividivicky

      Thank you Karen, your Friday morning routine sounds lovely. I’ve been reading blogs on the go, since I installed the Bloglovin’ app, maybe I should make a point to sit down and read them without any distractions like you do.

    • venividivicky

      I didn’t even give the orange bits a lot of thought, they happened to be in the Bungalow and Priory Square prints. But now that you say it, they probably help the Overall design, thank you for pointing that out =)​

  5. Kim B.

    This is a gorgeous quilt – and it’s true that the orange bits make it a bit more dynamic while allowing the quilt to stay calm– I wouldn’t have noticed that had Tiffany not mentioned it! And it is funny, that Kona Cactus indeed does give just the right edge to the quilt. Would love to see some pictures of the quilt in place – as you mentioned you plan on doing. lovely work, congratulations on a beautiful quilt!

    • venividivicky

      Kim, I’m so glad you stopped by!! You just perfectly summed up, what makes this quilt work: an overall conistent palette wi​th a few splashs of contrasting colour. Thank you for putting it like this for me! I want to snap a few pics of my new sewing space and plan on sharing it here soon, featuring this quilt. So stay tuned =)

  6. sewkatiedid

    The colors in this quilt are so great and I love it with the straight lines. I’ve had a blog for years and am still working on my photography. I’ll be adding yours to my blog list, especially because you love straight line quilting as much as me;)

    • venividivicky

      ​That’s what I love about having a quilt blog: it challanges my creativity, writing and photography. And it connects me to inspiring people like you. Thank you so much Katie! ​

  7. Angela

    What a beautiful quilt. I love the color and the scrappy mix of it all. Your photography is stunning (I just found you) and love your writing style. Keep it up as you can, and don’t let it become a chore for you! I love seeing more angles and hearing the stories of the quilt (or the quilter) on the blogs, something that is less effective on Instagram.

    • venividivicky

      Aw, thank you so much Angela. Blogging about a quilt motivates me to put some effort into taking proper pictures which in turn make me want to put it out there. I completely agree that a blog post tells the story of a quilt so much better than the little Instagram squares. Thank you for stopping by here, would love to see you around =)

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