Hexie Tiles [WIP]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a love story of a quilt pattern and a collection of fabrics that were meant to be.

If I buy a fabric collection as a whole it must be special. I’m more of a picky type with my fabric purchases: I’d rather buy my fav prints in yardage than spending money on a bundle where I only really love half of the designs. But when Alexia Abegg’s current line Printshop (for Cotton + Steel) came out this summer, I knew I needed to have all of those colourfully stamped fabrics, every single one. And when the bundle of yummyness arrived there was no way I was going to pull it apart.

Hexie Tiles in printshop | veni vidi vicky quilts

So I had this bundle stashed away in a save place in my fabric cupboard, to be admired from time to time. I had thought about using it in a special quilt with a special design for a special occasion…. you see it wasn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon. But then one glorious, sunny day (enter Prince Charming) Julie Hirt’s Hexie Tiles came along and swept me off my feet. Now this was a pattern worthy of my precious Printshop fabrics!

Hexie Tiles in printshop | veni vidi vicky quilts

The paper piecing template for the Hexie Tiles consist of two pieces, which sewn together form a hexagon with a fan like center. There are more ways to combine the two pieces to form other shapes, too. Some of these are shown in her pattern. And as I was playing around with colour placement I found another arrangement that forms wide flying geese made up of two stacked triangles.

Hexie Tiles in printshop | veni vidi vicky quilts

I love this variety of patterns the templates offer and would have loved to combine them into a sampler style quilt. Unfortunately I ran out of the Essex Linen I used as the background, which left me with not nearly enough material for a quilt. However I have enough to make two pillow covers from it. I decided to make one panel with the original hexie arrangement and one with the flying geese formation.

Hexie Tiles in printshop | veni vidi vicky quilts

Currently I’m pondering how to quilt both of them respectively. I think about maybe only quilting the background, so the coloured parts pop like gem stones. Does this sound any good to you?


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  1. rundherumblog.de

    Das ist ja wirklich eine spannende Form mit so vielen Möglichkeiten. Ich würde auch nur den Hintergrund quilten und den Formen ihren großen Auftritt lassen. Bin gespannt, was Du daraus machst.

    LG Mareike

    • venividivicky

      Danke liebe Mareike. Ich hatte auch die Idee, im Fächer immer nur eine der Sektionen farbig anzulegen, dann könnte man filigrane Bänder legen. Das muss ich bei Gelegenheit vielleicht auch noch mal probieren.​

  2. Jayne

    What a great paper piece pattern! I love when there are more than one way to use templates…beautiful! The fabric is amazing and I can see why you waited for the right project!

  3. Allison

    These fabrics are just a natural fit with the denimn essex linen. I don’t buy bundles either, but these fabrics look really great together. Great idea to have two different versions of this… have fun with the quilting!

    • venividivicky

      Thank you Allison. I guess aI was also drawn to this collection as it is basically just blenders, which are the best fabrics to work with when you mix and match Designers and collections. I know your stash is full of those Kind of fabrics, that’s why I love it!​

  4. Mary @ Fleur de Lis Quilts

    Oh, it would be too difficult to choose a favorite! The original reminds me of Dresden Plate fans. And your Flying Geese–wow! They are going to make fabulous pillows! I can see a few different quilting ideas working really well, so go with it and have fun!

  5. Melanie

    Nice pictures! And great to see how you came up with the second layout. I just couldn’t figure it out on instagram, always asumed it was a one-piece tile, now it makes sense :) Your pillows will be great any way you quilt them.

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