Match your quilt!

quilt / pouch match | veni vidi vickyMy friend came up with a genius idea! After I made her baby boy a quilt she asked me whether I could work the leftover fabric scraps into a pouch for her.

I mean seriously, of course I said yes. Not only do I enjoy making pouches, I was IN LOVE with the idea that she would carry around a small version of her baby’s quilt. And I’m almost sure a lot of my fellow quilters can appreciate the awesomeness of this as well!


And all quilter’s geekery aside it makes sense that once you have found a colour/ fabric scheme you like, you would want another item out of it. Think about the perfect pair of jeans you finally, finally found – I bet you went back to buy another one! If you didn’t, you’re probably still beating yourself up over it years later. This is also the point where I’m strongly holding back on telling you that I own 5 pairs of my perfect jeans ;-)

grey/green Ombré Quilt | veni vidi vicky
Grey to Green Ombré baby quilt we’re working with

The baby quilt in question I showed you a couple of weeks ago. I never found a good name for it, so it got the descriptive title of Grey to Green Ombré Baby Quilt. I didn’t want to make an exact replica of it in form of a pouch, my goal was more to stay with the core idea of ombré.

quilt / pouch match | veni vidi vicky

This turned into a simple task: I cut up all the scraps I had left over from the project into 2” squares. I added a couple more gray fabrics I found in my scrap basket to great an even distribution of colour. I then pieced them together and proceeded with my usual pouch making technique, which is based on this tutorial with an added lining.

quilt / pouch match | veni vidi vickyThe ombré pouch will go into my friend’s diaper bag and will hold her essentials when she’s out and about with her baby boy. I assume that’s what happens when you have a baby – your stuff gets cramped into a tiny patchwork pouch whilst your kid’s stuff takes up all the space in your handbag =)


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  1. Melanie

    Nice idea! I love many of the pouches I see but am still “afraid” of the zipper part. I guess I should just start one and try it out … oneday or rather fast … :)


    Tolle Idee. Ich mag Ombre super gerne und ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass so ein Ensemble der Hit ist. Die Stoffe hast Du wirklich toll kombiniert, auch mit den zusätzlichen Farben. Außerdem ist es immer schön, noch mal den ein oder anderen Stoffrest zu verwerten.

    LG Mareike

  3. judithvongelebtes


    na wenn das nicht eine wundervolle Weiterverarbeitung deiner letzten Fitzel dieses tollen Baby Quilts ist. Ich bin überwältigt und finde es auch einen wundervollen Gedanken, dass deine Freundin nun immer ein bisschen Quilt dabei hat.

    LIebe Grüße


  4. Jayne

    I love this idea! Most of us always have leftovers, so why not a matching pouch?! Jeans…My favorite pair have a hole in the ‘wrong’ place and I wish I had bought a couple more pairs before they decided not to make them any longer!

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