Succulence Quilt

The Succulence Quilt is my entry into the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2017. It measures 42” x 42” so it goes into the ‘Big Quilt’ category.

Succulence Quilt | veni vidi vicky

I love Pantone’s Color of the Year: Greenery! Over the past year or so I have been growing the green section of my fabric stash. It started with the commissioned green ombre quilt for my friend – I had very little green fabric at that point, I had to fill a void. There have also happened to be a lot of juicy greens featured in fabric collections lately, which made shopping for it a super easy ‘task’; I suppose for Pantone to pick Greenery as their Color of the Year 2017 is an accurate reflection of this trend.

Succulence Quilt | veni vidi vicky
Also remember when I set up my sewing space in what is basically greenery… I might have been on to something ;-)

Bryan House Quilts and No Hats in the House are hosting this year’s Pantone Quilt Challenge, so I decided to put my green stash to use and make a quilt for our home (this never happens!) and enter it.

Succulence Quilt | veni vidi vicky

I drew my inspiration from chunky succulent leaves. I love geometric depth and dimension as a design feature and had long wanted to try it for a quilt. Our home is full of succulents because these are the only plants that stand a chance against my very not green thumb. Extra chunk for the win!

Succulence Quilt | veni vidi vicky

The color palette revolves around ‘Greenery’, naturally. I went from there and added darker teal-y greens and some lighter ones to soften the scheme. The design is set on a low volume background (Going Home to Roost’s ‘Hello, Bear’ collection), letting the leaves arrange into a light-aired constellation. I really wanted to incorporate some lilacs to create a colorful succulent palette.

Succulence Quilt | veni vidi vicky

As the depth effect plays on light and shade, I wanted to put another spin at the shading effect and added the ombre border, which also reminds me of a Pantone color card – full circle kind of moment.

Succulence Quilt | veni vidi vicky
Succulence Quilt | veni vidi vicky

With the quilting I wanted to accent the 3D effect. So I used straight lines in various densities within the leaves. The background got an all over texture of ‘geometric stippling’ (not sure whether this pattern has an official name).

Succulence Quilt | veni vidi vicky
Succulence Quilt | veni vidi vicky
Succulence Quilt | veni vidi vicky

We recently updated our tiny kitchen and this quilt will go on the wall above our breakfast table. I’m really happy I get to keep this one!

Succulence Quilt | veni vidi vicky

You can have your say in The Pantone Quilt Challenge and vote for your fav quilt entered, including my Succulence Quilt in the Big Quilt category! Hop on over HERE to do so starting May 29th!


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  1. Judith

    Liebe Vicky,

    der Quilt ist einfach wunderschön geworden. Wow, grün kann doch wirklich wunderbar wirken. Ich bin hingerissen, auch von deiner Grundidee auf den Succulenten aufzubauen. Toll. Ich würde mich total freuen, wenn der Greeneryquilt in die Linkparty des Farbenspiel wandert? Magst du ihn dort verlinken?

    Liebe Grüße


    • venividivicky

      Hallo liebe Judith. Danke für deine lieben Worte! Es hat wirklich Spaß gemacht mal was ganz anderes zu nähen mit einer eingeschränkten Farbenauswahl. Hast du einen Link für eure Linkparty? Setzte meinen natürlich gerne dazu! =)

  2. Allison

    Well, for me to use Pantone’s color of the year, I don’t have to scrape to find a snippit or two in my stash… I’ve got two whole stacks of my favorite color! This quilt will look perfect with my favorite office chair of yours. (I secretly hope that you’ve kept it ; )) Fantastic from top to bottom – I’ll be “pressing my thumbs” for you ; )

    • venividivicky

      We still have the chairs and I thought the same thing. The boyfriend won’t humor me though and says no fancy velvet chairs in the kitchen (where the quilt now hangs). Boo! =D Thank you for your lovely words xx

  3. Melanie

    Lovely quilt and of course again beautiful photos! Thanks for the background iinfos on the design process. Really like those insights :)

    PS: Your shapes inspired me to soon star with one of my polygone ideas myself. Good luck in the competition.

  4. Julie

    Wow Vicky, this is so beautiful and one you are going to keep too, that’s great! I love the geometric way you quilted it, it echo’s so nicely the shapes. Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Handmade Monday

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