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I have no idea how the two are related, but I recently bought a German patchwork magazine that basically seems to be a spin on Love Quilting & Patchwork Magazine Issue Nr. 6. It was only just released here, so we seem to be on a massive delay.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a good number of projects in it, that I actually want to try out. The idea of a print magazine seemed a bit outdated to me prior to that. Why buy a pre-selected collection of patterns when you can easily download you favourite patterns online, one at a time? But yeah, I like it sitting next to me on the desk. I might even pick another one up once I’ve worked through this one. On the cover was a cathedral window quilt, something I’ve been meaning to try since I’ve seen Sew In Love Quilting’s Sewvivor entry last Monday. But onto that later.

mice softies . veni vidi vicky 02

These sweet little mice are the first project I tried out. I have a soft [ ;-) ] spot for simple stuffed animals. Even as a kid I would handsew easy teddy bears out of fabric and felt. The mice came with a pattern in two different sizes and sewed up easily. I only tried out the “baby mouse” which was plenty big in my opinion. It easily sews out of scraps, the “mama mouse” requires more of a fat quarter size of fabric.

mice softies . veni vidi vicky 03

mice softies . veni vidi vicky 04

mice softies . veni vidi vicky 01

I admire artists who think up “3D” patterns. It’s always a small miracle to me, how such weirdly shaped templates sew into a figure that makes sense. I wonder whether you can build a skill to understand this better simply by working with such patterns regularly. Probably yes, but us quilting folk, we are stuck in our little 2D world ;-)

I might have to gift my mice to my mum, she was totally smitten with the pictures of them in the magazine.


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  1. Kinga

    They are so cute, ! A really good Project to use scraps! I have this magazine too, and this little mice are on my to-do-list! Great Job Vicky! And yes, ist like a miracle :)

  2. Sandra

    I held this magazine in my hands and loved it too. The mice were immediately one of my favorites and it is so good to see your lovely versions! Gorgeous!!! Hm… perhaps I should try one :-)

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