the Hebe quilt

This is me catching up with the projects I finished during my recent blog hiatus – hey!

Our friends seem to keep on having babies, so I’m staying busy sewing up a baby quilt every couple of months. I don’t mean to complain, making something beautiful with a new person in mind is a pretty fulfilling pastime. And I love the size of baby quilts – they are such a quick finish and I can try out designs that I don’t dare to take to the bed-sized format quite yet.


I made the Hebe quilt in February for my boyfriend’s cousin’s baby (are you still with me?) born at the end of last year. Fashionably late, but it was still much appreciated as the baby was about to get a little more mobile around that time, so the quilt could be used as a play mat.


I went pretty much all out with colour on this one. I had the idea of making a rainbow quilt with a minimal/modern feel to it. So I really cut down on the layout – consisting of 16 squares cut from 16 individual fabrics each missing a corner that was replaced by the mustard background fabric. Not to waste any fabric I included an assembled strip of the ‘missing’ corners into the border of the quilt.


Just like I like my quilts, the finished thing turned out extra texture-y thanks to a rather dense crosshatch quilting. When it came out of the wash really crinkly I might have squealed a little.


The baby’s name isn’t Hebe as one might assume, but this fair lady’s is:


As I was out and about photographing the quilt with my quilt-photographer in crime, we passed this elderly couple stopping in front of a statue at our local park. He mentioned to her, that the woman pictured was the goddess Hebe, daughter of Zeus and Hera. As they walked on we threw the quilt over Hebe’s arm and a namesake was born.

Do you have a story about naming a quilt?
Please share, I would love to hear about it!

veni vidi vicky

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  1. Jayne

    I really love the colors, design and that quilting…gorgeous! The photo with the statue holding the quilt is hilarious and amazing!

  2. Allison

    I absolutely LOVE this quilt! Such a bold choice to use gold as your background color. I love the unusual color combos… they really pop! I’m sure your friend will be over the moon excited about this sweet baby quilt.


    • venividivicky

      ​Thank you so much Allison, means so much coming from the queen of colour (yes you are!). I love my baby quilts contrast-y and bold to give the baby something bright to look at.

  3. Sarah Elliott

    This is fantastic! I am crushing hard on that mustard background, It really makes the colors and prints you used stand out. Also, great work with the quilting. It adds yummy texture to all that negative space without taking away from those gorgeous pops of color!

    • venividivicky

      Sarah, thank you so much. I think since the layout is so toned down, I was able to pull off such a bright background. I love this colour so much, it always finds its way into my quilts, but usually in a lower quantity ;-)

  4. saroy

    Beautiful! I don’t usually like mustard yellow but it works so well here. I love the clipped corners that reappear over on the side — so neat.

  5. Heulwen

    The fabric choices are great in this, and I really love that stripe of HSTs from the corner trims, it’s a lovely accent. :) Hebe looks quite chuffed with her quilt! I like to name my quilts too, usually something that I think of while making them. I get a bit huffy if a quilt doesn’t tell me its name, heh. :)

    • venividivicky

      ​I’m that way, too. The name usually falls into place, and when it doesn’t I really have a hard time thinking something up (the pressure ;-) ) Thank you so much for your comment, Heulwen!​

  6. Nicky

    I thought you had named it after the plant! Didn’t realise she was a goddess too. Love the colours and the addition of those scrappy corners! A real no waste quilt. Thank you for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!

    • venividivicky

      Thank you Mell, I’m happy with how the pictures turned out, too. It’s constant challenge to find the right spot in the right lightning and then pushing the right bottoms ;-)

  7. Nancy

    Hebe (the quilt) is beautiful. That gold background is striking, especially with the large, bold squares with the corners touched by gold. You didn’t say what size the quilt is and I’m wondering. Also, what size are the large squares in the center? And what batting did you use? I love the texture. What a treasure for a baby and his/her parents!

    • venividivicky

      ​Hey Nancy, sorry for only now getting back to you. I always forget to write down the exact sizes of my quilts and I never remember them either ;-) I think this ended up being roughly 39” x 43”​. And I *think* I cut those center squares 5” – this is why I never come around to write patterns, I don’t document, haha. But I do know that I used Warm & Natural batting, so that’s something ;-)

      ​Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! xx Vicky​

  8. Puppilalla

    Das könnte mein neues Lieblingsstück sein. So ein toller Quilt. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dem Finish und ich hoffe die Empfänger werden sich gebührend freuen.

  9. Linda

    This is a great quilt! Love your original design, especially the back and the little triangles from your left over snowball squares. The quilting is awesome!

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