meet Stuart, the flying squirrel

Stuart the squirrel | veni vidi vicky

I really wanted to sew my little new godson a softie because I have so many good memories about my own cherished stuffed animals (I still own them all!). In that way I feel like it’s a very personal gift, that will hopefully last him for years. The pattern is a free design from Abby Glassenberg and can be found on the wild olive blog.

Stuart the squirrel | veni vidi vicky
Stuart the squirrel | veni vidi vicky

The templates are carefully designed and there’s a well structured photo tutorial as a step by step instruction. It was a challenge for me to sew with fluffy fabric (and I may have bought a difficult one that is hairy on both sides – I think it’s easier to use  fleece with cloth on the back). And even though I’d label myself as an inexperienced softie sewer I was able to finish this rather quickly.

Stuart the squirrel | veni vidi vickyStuart the squirrel | veni vidi vicky

Stuart will now take a nap in his sleeping bag pillow and wait for little L to play with him come Sunday.

Stuart the squirrel | veni vidi vicky

I think I’m done with baby gifts for now and can start thinking about what to make for everyone for Christmas ;-)


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  1. Helen @ Till We Quilt Again

    Hello Vicky, Can I just say I am in Love with Stuart! He is adorable. Thanks for stopping by and linking up with “Anything Goes Monday”. It is a fun way to meet new friends. I look forward to receiving your posts and following you in the future.

    • venividivicky

      Hey Helen, I was happy to find your blog, too! Thank you for hosting the link party this week and for your lovely comment. I’m a quilter at heart, but it’s nice to sew something different from time to time!
      I hope you have a great day!

    • venividivicky

      Hello Esther (love your name!),
      thank you so much for your lovely words. If you’re interested in these type of softies I can only recommend to check out the website. Abby offers some more patterns similar to this one.
      Thank you so much for finding your way to my little blog!
      xx Vicky

  2. femke00353

    How cute is this little guy? I’m sure my son L would love one of those lil fellas. You’re such an inspiration – amazing! Xx

    • venividivicky

      thank you Lorna, you’re too sweet! I was very careful when stitching the face, it can look “off” so easily if just one of the features isn’t placed correctly. Quite a challenge! And the bandana – I just had to include a little bit of quilting cotton ;-)

  3. Laura

    Hi Vicky,
    Stuart ist wirklich super süß. Bin ganz neidisch…
    Ich würde gern auch einen für meinen Sohn S machen, bin mir aber nicht sicher was das Material angeht. Meinst du Frottee würde ihm auch stehen? Meine Kinder sind ganz verrückt nach allem aus Frottee – frag nicht warum….!
    Liebe Grüße in die Heimat

    • venividivicky

      Hallo Laura! Danke für deine lieben Worte!

      Ich denke es wäre ein super Projekt für Frottee. Ich habe letztes Jahr mal eine Handpuppe aus einem Frotteehandtuch genäht, das ist ja eine ähnliche Art von Kuscheltier (ohne Füllung). Damals habe ich allerdings mit Hand genäht, ich weiß nicht wie sich Frotte mit der Maschine nähen lässt. Aber wahrscheinlich hast du da schon mehr Erfahrung als ich, wenn deine Kinder so drauf stehen =)

      Liebe Grüße, Vicky

    • venividivicky

      Hey Laura, thank you!

      Since this is a free pattern Abby Glassenberg only offers it for personal use / gifting, so no selling on my part. I can only recommend for you to give it a try, though. It’s a really easy project and doesn’t take too long =)

      xx Vicky

    • venividivicky

      April, thank you so much for your lovely comment and for hosting a wonderful link-up party. I love to check in every week, it’s such a cool mixture of different kinds of crafts! I’m learning my way into photography for the blog (with a basic point and shoot camera for now) and I’m having fun with trying different things. xx Vicky

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