#tagged [baby quilt]

#tagged baby quilt | veni vidi vicky

A while back I shared some progress snaps of this quilt on Instagram. I remember it was the first heat wave of the summer and I was happy to sew with berry and fruit coloured fabric.

#tagged baby quilt | veni vidi vicky
#tagged baby quilt | veni vidi vicky

I actually finished it a while back, but it took a bit to get pictures and to gift it to its new little owner. Now that all of this is done, here are some impressions:

#tagged baby quilt | veni vidi vicky
#tagged baby quilt | veni vidi vicky

#tagged, because it’s such an obvious name, which stuck with me, once it implanted in my brain as a working title. I made this pattern up using blocks consisting of hourglasses (one of my favs) and rectangle pieces. I hope to get this into published/written form at some point.

#tagged baby quilt | veni vidi vicky
#tagged baby quilt | veni vidi vicky
#tagged baby quilt | veni vidi vicky

The pretty large pieces within each block offer the chance to really show different prints off. When I make baby quilts I try to make them bold, colourful and I usually include stimulating patterns or prints for the baby to explore.

#tagged baby quilt | veni vidi vicky
#tagged baby quilt | veni vidi vicky

So happy I found the orange striped fabric in my stash, it made for the perfect binding. The fabrics I used making this quilt are of various origin. There’s an IKEA print, Tula Pink, Cotton + Steel and some that I don’t even know what they are. The background is from Jeni Baker’s Dreamin’ Vintage collection and was the perfect find for this.

Have a great weekend everyone =)

veni vidi vicky

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  1. Teje

    Hi Vicky! I love this quilt! Beautiful pattern and colours! I’m sure your pattern will be big succee! It’s fun and unique! x Teje

  2. mell-meyer

    The quilt is really beautifull, love the sunny bold colours – it’s so “fun”. PS: At first I didn’t get your headline – now I can’t stop smiling – it’s a fitting name!

    • venividivicky

      ​Thank you Jayne. I had the backing fabric in my stash for a while but being so bold, it never quite worked for anything. I’m happy I finally found a good use for it =)​

  3. Allison

    I love the fabric combinations on this and the colors… so bright and juicy! I’ve not been brave enough to mix and match nice quilting cottons with Ikea fabric… how does it work out? Do you pre-wash? I could imagine that having the fabrics prewashed might help, but I just love working with nice fresh, crisp new fabrics, that I don’t even go that route.

    Schöne Grüße aus Norderstedt!

  4. Sarah

    Stopping by from NTT…..This quilt. I love it! Everything about it is just perfect. The background fabric – I just love how it adds movement to the top without distracting from the tags. Your palette is stunning. The orange tones work so well with those pinks and purples and that orange striped binding was the perfect choice! In fact, I’m in the process of designing a pink and purple quilt and this just made me want to take it in an entirely different direction!

  5. quiltyhabit

    Absolutely stunning! I have a sketch similar to this in my sketchbook for a quilt I want to try :) Hope you write a pattern or tutorial! The background fabric IS perfect.

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