Grey to Green Ombré Quilt

grey/green Ombré Quilt | veni vidi vickyOne of the most humbling things to experience as a maker is someone loving your work so much, they request a piece of it to go into their home.

A lovely friend of mine asked me to sew a baby quilt for the nursery she was just setting up for her baby boy Charlie, expected to arrive in July/August. She was decorating the room in greys and a soft pastel green, which turns out to be such a calm, serene colour combination.

grey/green Ombré Quilt | veni vidi vicky
grey/green Ombré Quilt | veni vidi vickyAfter sending design ideas back and forth we settled on a grey-to-green ombré layout, set in half square triangles. I had to shop around for some bridging fabrics, meaning prints with both grey and green in it. This turned out to be an extremely rare combination! Luckily Heather Givans put some in her Succulent line, which I love a lot.

grey/green Ombré Quilt | veni vidi vickyTo be honest, I wouldn’t have picked grey and green for a quilt, had it been up to me. The more suprised I am that I actually very much appreciate the different shades together. I think it’s a warm, fuzzy scheme and a very understated one, much like Charlie’s room.

pattern: my own | finished size: 36 x 44” | batting: warm & white | quilting: straight lines 3/4” grid | backing: Kona Cotton Green Tea

grey/green Ombré Quilt | veni vidi vicky
The design brainstorm and tossing of ideas also reminded we why we need community and interaction, even in a seemingly solitary craft like quilting. Without input we’d get stuck in our ways and make the same stuff over and over again. How boring that would be!


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    • venividivicky

      Ja das stimmt Mareike. Ich tendiere immer zu ‘lauteren’ Farbkombos. Ohne Anleitung wäre ich deshalb bestimmt nie zu so einem besonnenen Resultat gelangt. Eine sehr spannende Erfahrung für mich =)​

  1. Allison

    Really nice quilts for baby boys are not always easy to come by… trust me I know with my two little guys. Even though the design is very simple, it packs a powerful punch… I love the color combo on this one!

    • venividivicky

      I completely agree, Allison. And when I make a quilt it usually includes either hot pink or some kind of flower print variation, which is a shame, because there are a million possibilities​ when it comes to fabrics. I plan to make another baby boy quilt this month. Let’s see what else I can come up with!

    • venividivicky

      I love gray and I’ve been mixing it with different colours, though usually brighter and bolder ones, that rather outshine it. Here it feels different since the humble green blends in with the gray so much​. Thank you for taking the time to comment =)

  2. Jayne

    Perfection! While we may not ever pick a color combination ourself, it’s fun to see it come together and especially fun to see that the combination isn’t bad at all! Your pictures are gorgeous too!

  3. The Smiling Pilgrim

    I totally stumbled upon this blog/site. It was listed as the top one on my wordpress main page when I log in.

    As someone that writes a theology/volunteering blog it is kind of outside my realm but wow are these ever some beautiful pieces of work!

    Really enjoyed seeing your work and browsing through your site/blog. Also seems you have a great community here!

    Hope your featured more!

    – The Smiling Pilgrim

    • venividivicky

      Thank you for your lovely and thoughtful comment. I write this blog to not only share my own projects but also to showcase that quilting can be so much more than your grandmother’s pasttime hobby. I’m so happy you stopped by!

    • venividivicky

      Hey Iris, will add it in an instant. I linked up on my phone in bed this morning, so I didn’t have a chance to add it then and there. Thank you for your lovely comment!

      On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 10:36 AM, veni vidi vicky wrote:


  4. roberta m

    This color combination is spot on. The quilt is gorgeous–an excellent example of how colors work together to form an overall relationship. Looking forward to seeing more.

  5. judithvongelebtes

    Acuh wenn ich für Grün im Regelfall selten eine Verwendung habe, so bin ich einfach nur hingerissen, wie du die Farben kombiniert hast und das Grau das Grün nicht zu bunt und laut werden lässt. Toll!

    Danke für deinen so lieben Kommentar bei mir, ich habe mich sehr über deine Worte gefreut.


    • venividivicky

      Aw Daisy, thank you. I haven’t been quilting for that long, it is a lot less intinidating than it appears. If you want to try, I can only encourage you to do so. Youtube and quilt blogs are great resources to start.​

  6. Patricia

    You’re so right! I never would have! combined these colors – but they are so beautiful! Great job! I love the play of shapes between your piecing and quilting – triangles and squares! Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing!

    • venividivicky

      Patricia, thank you so much for your lovely quilt! I guess the grid quilting is really effective since the Patchwork pattern is repetitive, too. I use These simple straight lines a lot and they rarely disappoint.

    • venividivicky

      Thank you Sarah! Before we settled on gray and green I had pulled a spectrum ranging from navy to gray which would have looked great, too in this pattern, but it didn’t work to well for her room =)​

    • venividivicky

      ​Thank you so much Hilary. And huge congratulations on the birth of your adorable sun. Your announcement made for the cutest sew cute tuesday =)​ Hope you and little man are doing fine.

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