Let’s tour my sewing space

Fresh Sewing Space | veni vidi vickyI hold an advanced degree in procrastination, but when I’m excited about something I can jump into it head first. That’s how my sewing space came about.

Up until this summer my quilting supplies were stashed in a bookcase in our living room. If I wanted to sew I got what I needed out of the bookcase and set camp on the dinner table. We live in a small apartment downtown. While we enjoy the urban surroundings our space is limited. Thus it had always been out of question that I could dedicate a room to my quilting hobby. As my fabric stash kept growing things got a little out of hand; there just wasn’t enough storage space and I kept getting annoyed by having to clear the table each night. We thought, that this was just the way things were and we had to live with it until we’d eventually move.

I don’t remember what initiated it, but one day this summer I thought to myself that if we redid our office, got rid of a couple of things and put most of my remains from architecture school in the cellar, there could actually be just enough room to host a dedicated sewing table. That idea, like a spark, initiated some frantic pinterest searching for tiny sewing spaces, corners, niches, nooks, you name it. This image of a fresh, lively yet clean enclave (??) formed and I put together a mood board that I proposed to my boyfriend. He’s happy when I am, and I’m pretty sure he loved the idea of moving all things sewing out of the living room – proposal accepted!

Fresh Sewing Space | veni vidi vicky

Next, my planning skills came in handy. I took our office’s measurements, drew up a floor plan, calculated dimensions and picked out pieces of furniture from IKEA accordingly. And when our original plans to go canoeing were canceled by the provider that weekend, off to IKEA we drove.

Fresh Sewing Space | veni vidi vicky

Fresh Sewing Space | veni vidi vicky

I didn’t buy all the things I had originally picked out, but all the essentials. I had to work on a budget and I like the idea of adding pieces I find along the way, too. And I went with a different carpet that now covers he floor in the niche completely. I am a sucker for carpet under my feet! The sewing nook is tugged behind our convertible couch / guest bed at the back of the room. The sofa is covered with my Glass Half Full quilt. I didn’t originally intend to keep this quilt, but when I saw how well the colours harmonize with the other green hues I decided to keep it.

Fresh Sewing Space | veni vidi vicky

My sewing table isn’t big, but it holds my notions and thread in two drawers, which are now within reach without taking up space on the table. And since I was able to put up a design wall, I don’t have to lay out blocks and design on my table either. When I sit and work Í have my machine to my right and my cutting mat on the left and can easily switch between cutting and piecing.

Fresh Sewing Space | veni vidi vicky

Fresh Sewing Space | veni vidi vicky

My fabric stash and other supplies are stacked in the green sideboards. I will open it up and show you around soon, stay tuned! And now I would love to see your sewing spaces, feel free to share a link if you’ve posted about yours in the comments, let’s spread the inspiration =)


(The Monstera print included in the mood board is from the fantastic artist Janine Sommer)
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  1. Teje

    Looks really good, Vicky! I’m happy you made this special place for your sewing and quilting! I was just trying that black chair in Finland’s Ikea and plan to order it. Do you like it use? x Teje

  2. Mareike

    Ach ich liebe ja den Blick in fremde Nähzimmer. Aber wie Du auf der kleinen Schneidematte so tolle große Quilt nähst, ist mir ein Rätsel.
    Dafür sind die beiden Schubfächer unter dem Tisch wirklich genial. Ich muss mir meine Sache immer zusammen sammeln.

    LG Mareike

    • venividivicky

      ​Hallo Mareike, die Fächer unter dem Tisch sind wirklich genial – alles greifbar und vor allem brauch ich nur die Schublade etwas aufschieben und kann dann alles schnell loswerden, was wieder mal nervig im Weg rumliegt. Wie groß ist denn deine Schneidefläche? A2 reicht mir eigtl, was ich störender finde, ist dass ich keinen extra Tisch zum schneiden habe.

    • venividivicky

      Jereena, thank you. I took the pics a while ago when the light was very favorable. i have since made these blocks into little panels that will become pillow covers, I posted about these in October.​

  3. Jen R.

    Thanks for sharing your space with us! It looks like a space that would spark creativity for sure. I have my sewing in a tiny space as well, but it is not nearly so neat and tidy. Although IKEA has helped me make it much more presentable.

  4. Mareike

    Liebe Vicky,

    meine Schneidematte ist 60x90cm. Gerade bei großen Strecken finde ich das praktisch. Ich hab mir extra einen ausziehbaren Tisch gekauft, damit der Quilt mal so richtig Platz hat. von 90×90 auf 180×90 kann der vergrößert werden. Richtig schneiden zu können ist ja so wichtig.

    LG Mareike

    • venividivicky

      ​I was a little wary about it first, but the drawer chests were exactly what I had been looking for, so I bought it despite my doubts. I think it really works with the black and white so well now, though =)

  5. Melanie

    Looks fun and a great solution! Hope you enjoy our sewing space :) I am still – and probably will always be – refining mine. One question though: How did you do your design wall. What is it made of and how did you attach it to the wall?

    • venividivicky

      I’m so very happy in my little nook, you have no idea ;-) My design wall is two big canvas mantled with white flannel (stapled them at the back). I hang them on the wall with nails, just like you would with a canvas painting. This was pretty easy once I figured out what materials to use =)

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