A literal Work in Progress [WIP]

This one started with me wanting to make a plus quilt and ended up somewhere pretty different.

When I design a quilt, I almost always start with the overall layout and composition. Once I have that figured out I will break the design down into smaller pieces. This way my quilts are rarely made up of repeating blocks. So how this baby quilt came about is pretty untraditional by my standards, but traditional in the common quilting sense.


My starting point was the idea of a yellow plus with a orangey center, almost like an abstract star. These stars were to be set on a dark blue background. I lengthened the plus/star by a square on each end, so it would blend from yellow into a deeper red fabric in the center. When the dark blue hues came out really strong and the contrast felt too stark, I added in a group of mints to blend between the light warm hues and the dark background.

A literal Work in Progress | veni vidi vicky

At that stage I began cutting for my blocks. Pinned to the design wall I found the navy fabrics to be too loud still. Put next to each other the corners of 4 meeting blocks formed a really background heavy formation that took the focus away from the light block centers. This wasn’t going to work, the blocks needed to be separated by a white sashing (something I usually try to avoid, as it seems so old-fashioned to me personally).

A literal Work in Progress | veni vidi vicky

By breaking up the sashing with one yellow square in the middle of each side of the block I webbed the yellow strings back together, creating the look of a net spanned across the surface. This effect inspired the name of ‘Golden Net’, a little cheesy, but I settled ;-)

A literal Work in Progress | veni vidi vicky

I’m almost finished with this baby quilt now and will be back with pictures.
Have a good week everyone!


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  1. Allison

    This very much looks like your bee block palette! When I get a color scheme it my head, it’s hard to get it out! I understand what you mean about sashing… I’m not the biggest fan either, but sometimes such a strong contrast is what really gives the individual blocks a chance to shine. Looking good so far!

  2. mell-meyer

    Looks really great! Love the idea of the “golden net” (adding the yellow square in the sashing) but I also think that adding the triangle to the corner of the blocks was a really great idea. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

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