Golden Net baby quilt

Golden Net baby quilt | veni vidi vickyNeed a little colour therapy on this November day? Grab a pot of coffee and let me show you this happy quilt I just finished!

I’ve talked about the challenge to make quilts for boys on here before. Whereas I’m not an advocate for gendered toys, clothes or stereotypes in general, I definitely feel like there are a lot of fabric lines that appear rather feminine. I personally feel drawn to bolder coloured lines in general, so I’m not even talking about shades of pinks, but rather motifs which seem to include a lot of florals and whimsical designs lately. This isn’t that obvious until you’re actively trying to avoid them for a project.

Golden Net baby quilt | veni vidi vicky

So when I think up a baby boy quilt I work around a colour palette instead of a line or a designer. My initial idea for this quilt was a navy night sky lit with bright yellow stars; a plan I didn’t stick to as the design evolved (read more about the process here).

Golden Net baby quilt | veni vidi vicky

The quilt does involve the yellows and the dark blues as well as a collection of mint and orange to red coloured squares. I really like that it feels like a modern Twist on the four Primary colours, without being completely predictable.

Golden Net baby quilt | veni vidi vicky

Golden Net baby quilt | veni vidi vicky

But stars are no more! In an unexptected twist rays of starlight interwove into a golden net spun across the surface of the quilt. Magic!

finished size:
pattern: my own, dubbed ‘Golden Net’
quilting design: straight lines, including crosshedge
fabric used: scrappy! includes Heather Givans, Lizzy House, Cotton + Steel, Katy Jones, Elizabeth Hartmann, Karen Lewis…
backing fabric: Backyard Roses by Nadra Ridgeway
binding: blank selvage fabric

Golden Net baby quilt | veni vidi vicky

Entrance Lupa! (You didn’t see that one coming, eh? ;-) ) Last weekend graced us with a day sans rain and word’s out the sun even made a short appearance. So I grabbed my crew to go out and take these photos. I hadn’t washed the quilt at that point, so I wasn’t too worried about it getting a little dirty. Let it be said though, I’m now reminded why I don’t usually set my designs on white background.

Okay, wherever you are, I hope weather’s actually nice there. If it is, let me now, so I can plan my move to your place. Until then I’ll sunbathe under my sewing light, stay quilty!


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  1. Mareike

    Liebe Vicky,

    eine tolle Kulisse hast Du Dir da ausgesucht.
    Vielleicht sammelst Du in Deinem Stash aber auch unterbewusst eher feminine Stoffe und die anderen sprechen Dich gar nicht an? Nicht dass ich das beurteilen könnte, meine Stoffe sind fast alle feminin.

    LG Mareike

    • venividivicky

      Hallo Mareike, so rum hab ich darüber noch gar nicht nachgedacht. Es gibt schon echt schöne Blumenmuster, zum Beispiel die Rifle Paper Co. Kollektion, aber ich versuch mich da immer zurück zu halten, weil ich für so viele Blumenstoffe letztendlich gar keine Verwendung habe. Sie sind ja auch oft bunt und dann schwerer zu kombinieren.​

    • venividivicky

      ​Vicky, thank you so much. I used some of my current favourite fabrics for this Project. Since it only uses small scraps from each fabric I didn’t have to give up too much of them though ;-)

    • venividivicky

      Thank you Nicole! I enjoyed documenting the proccess here and on Instagram, I usually forget to take the time, but the input is so precious, I will try to be better about showing WIPs =)​

  2. kittywilkin

    This is a beautiful quilt and a really fun design! I love how the blue fades into the white on the edges of each dark blue portion, and your color choices are on point. Lovely finish!

  3. Debbie @ The Quilt Journal

    Hi Katie
    I love it! your right a more boyish quilt is hard to find fabrics in a feel you are satisfied with. I love the color selection…and your corners on your binding are beautiful……please come to Florida and do mine! …we are a dog friendly house LOL :)

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